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At MBF24 Sports our goal is to assist young athletes in strengthening their weaknesses, increasing their basketball I.Q. and preparing them for their next level of basketball; whether its a recreation, house league, middle school, high school or AAU team. MBF24 Sports will host camps, clinics, skill challenges and leagues in the east coast, specifically New York City, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina and Florida locations.  We at MBF24 Sports believe that the sacrifice of time, having full understanding to the game of basketball, consistent practice and strong academics will continue to build the next MBF24 Sports SUPA Athlete!


Our training program will offer players: shooting & free throw techniques, dribbling & passing drills, 1 on 1 play, team play, conditioning and defensive strategies. Players will be able to apply their basketball attributes (teamwork, respect, responsibility, social skills, encouragement, discipline, leadership, sportsmanship and decision-making) both social-emotionally and academically as an essential tool for success in school.


MBF24 Sports will also host a series of events for basketball entertainment purposes such as; youth showcases, camps, leagues, fundraisers, show cases, celebrity games, athletic wear fashion shows, etc. The entertainment side of MBF24 sports goal is to create an environment of family fun and activities thru music, basketball and fashion. 


Sincerely yours,


Latoyah Saunders,

MBF24 Sports Program Director

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