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Program Objective

The Academy is designed to create a lane for middle school (5th-8th graders, may take younger or older grades on a case by case basis) basketball players to train & play high level basketball without all the commitments, complications, confusions and cost of travel basketball. While capturing these young athletes attention thru basketball, we’ll also be academically preparing & challenging them for their future with different weekly Life Skill classes.

Define Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct program policy outlines our expectations regarding student’s behavior towards their colleagues, trainers, guest speakers and overall organization. We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all students to follow our code of
conduct. They should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting instructional time at The Academy.


We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.

Key Elements in our Code of Conduct

  • Respect – we have a zero tolerance for any behavior that inhibits a negative or disrespect in nature; in the form of verbal, written or on social media. We have a Zero tolerance for bullying, students, parents, and faculty as well as guest speakers/mentors should inhibit these values.

  • Responsibility – each student, faculty and guest speakers are held accountable for their respective areas. Failure to adhere to one’s duties and responsibility can impact the academic and athletic enhancement of others.

  • Teamwork & Sportsmanship – at the academy we will promote and encourage a team environment; students will be expected to collaborate and contribute in a small group setting. Every student, and faculty/trainer will inhibit good sportsmanship; by encouraging and cheering on others. Giving constructive criticism to better enhance the development of every student regardless of skill set.

  • Leadership & Decision-making – our goal is to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders by providing thought provoking exercises, drills as well as life skill activities. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles which will provide scenarios that requires critical thinking and feedback from their team members. Their ability to work with others while being in a leadership position is vital.


Overall at the Academy we want to ensure every student, faculty and guest speaker/mentors are treated with respect and dignity. That we have established an innovative, creative and safe environment for all. Again we thank you all for your continuous support in maintaining our code of conduct.

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