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Mission Statement

The Academy is designed to create a lane for middle school (5th-8th graders, may take younger or older grades

on a case by case basis) basketball players to train & play high level basketball without all the commitments,

complications, confusions and cost of travel basketball. While capturing these young athletes attention thru

basketball, we’ll also be academically preparing & challenging them for their future with different weekly Life

Skill classes.

The Academy powered by 24Sports will meet weekly with new curriculum for our student athletes. We will

follow a traditional school format including, evaluations, codes of conduct, attendance, weekly extra credit,

holidays breaks and vacations, etc. We believe simulation of such high school patterns will prepare these

student athletes for the realities of high school. There will be 3 on 3 tournaments, JR.NBA Skills Challenges

and AAU Combines every 4 to 5 so we can give each student/athlete quarterly evaluation and assessments


We would like to see every student athlete graduate out of The Academy prepared for high school with a strong

basketball IQ & skill set but most importantly as an intelligent well rounded citizens. Players will learn how to apply

our core values (teamwork, respect, responsibility, social skills, encouragement, discipline, leadership,

sportsmanship and decision-making) both social-emotionally and academically as an essential tool for success in



Each Sunday will consist of 4 hours of training, conditioning, yoga, free brunch, eSports gaming and life skill class.

24Sports staff have been well trained and have over 10 years of experience dealing with youth basketball training

and coaching.

• 8:00am - Skill Set training: shooting & free throw techniques, dribbling & passing drills, 1 on 1 play, team play,


• 9:30am - Strength & Conditioning or Yoga (rotates weekly)

• On random Sundays, the 2nd hour will be a high competitive scrimmage against another program or team.

• 10:00am -Free brunch and eSport GamingEvaluations (Brunch&Tutoring available by request)

• 11:00am-LifeSkillsClass(CareerDevelopment,MathEssentials,DJClasses,English/LiteraryEssentials,Youth

MotivationalSpeakers, HSInformational sessions byHSCoaches, Coding Classes and much more.)



Weekly drop-in rates consist of a student athlete participating for 1 Academy Session on a Sunday. Our

Monthly package covers a student athlete for 4 Academy Sessions, Free Extra Credit workouts during The

Academy Aftercare, Free The Academy T-Shirt, Free participation in our Jr.NBA Skills Challenge & AAU Combine, Invites to open gyms, video access to your workouts from the month and quarterly evaluations. Discounts are

available for:

• Team (3 or more student athletes for team discounts)

• TeamsPowered by24Sports:Arlington Ducks RSPYBL,BeltsvilleBullsBGC, ICSWarriors (potential)

• Sibling Discounts

• Staff Discounts

• Hardship Discounts available upon request (approval based on an income & financial screening)

Academy Cost Breakdown Quantity Price


Monthly Tuition 4 Sundays (8 weeks to

use their 4 Sundays)

$ 140

Weekly Drop-In Tuition 1 Sunday 


Sibling Monthly Discount $25 off tuition package sibling


Sibling Drop-In Discount $20 off per sibling


Team Monthly Discount (3 or more student/athletes) 3 or more student/

athletes for 4 Sundays

$ 25

Team Drop-In Discount (3 or more student/athletes) 3 or more student/

athletes for 1 Sunday


24Sports Players Monthly Discount (from teams powered by 24Sports) 4 Sundays (8 weeks to

use their 4 Sundays)


24Sports Players Drop-In Discount (from teams powered by 24Sports) 1 Sunday


MBF24 Staff Monthly Discount 4 Sundays (8 weeks to use their 4 Sundays)


MBF24 Staff Drop-In Discount 1 Sunday


The Academy After Care Discount 1 Sunday Only


More discounted rates listed on website



• Effective communication is essential among students, trainers, faculty, and parents/guardians

as wells guest-speakers/mentors.

• As a part of our mission statement and objective we are preparing our students for high school

thus we promote an environment of self-advocacy. We encourage students to mediate among

peers, trainers, faculty to promote or advise on areas of their concerns.

• Students are provided evaluations every 5-weeks; this will allow students and

parents/guardians to review their performance over a 5-week period.

• Parents/Guardians can contact the program director regarding any concerns or issues prior to

the 5-week evaluations via email or arrange a conference call.



• Photographs of the students in our programs may be taken from time to time and may appear in

newspapers, magazines, brochures, publicity materials and/or educational trainings. Your

permission for photographs of your child, to be used without compensation, is part of this agreement.

• Your student’s photo will also be displayed on our website and social media platforms.



• In the event a parent/guardian and/or student(s) is unable to continue a “monthly enrollment”

the party will be allowed to attend an additional week(s).

• Drops-in is for the duration of 4-hours; no refund will be provided for early pick-ups.



• In the event District Sports Complex is unable to open due to inclement weather; MBF24

Sports will provide a make-up session (1-Sunday 4/hour session).

• A 1-week credit will be granted in the event student(s) is unable to participate due to legitimate

schedule conflict (subject to approval); for reschedule session due to inclement weather.


Key Elements in our Code of Conduct

• Respect – we have a zero tolerance for any behavior that inhibits a negative or disrespect in

nature; in the form of verbal, written or on social media. We have a Zero tolerance for bullying,

students, parents, and faculty as well as guest speakers/mentors should inhibit these values.

• Responsibility – each student, faculty, parent/guardian and guest speakers are held

accountable for their respective areas. Failure to adhere to one’s duties and responsibility can

impact the academic and athletic enhancement of others.

• Teamwork & Sportsmanship – at the academy we will promote and encourage a team

environment; students will be expected to collaborate and contribute in a small group setting.

Every student, and faculty/trainer will inhibit good sportsmanship; by encouraging and cheering

on others. Giving constructive criticism to better enhance the development of every student

regardless of skill set.

• Leadership & Decision-making – our goal is to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders by providing

thought provoking exercises, drills as well as life skill activities. Students are encouraged to take

on leadership roles which will provide scenarios that requires critical thinking and feedback from

their team members. Their ability to work with others while being in a leadership position is vital.

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